How Do We Get Started?

I am often asked

“How can I protect my investment?” 

“What are the steps I need to take” 

“Can I do it all myself?” 

“Why should I setup an LLC?” 

Most importantly why should I pay Leonard A Krzyzaniak PC $1000.00 to create my LLC?

Does the phrase “You get what you pay for” ring a bell?
The filing fee to create a Michigan Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Michigan is $50.00. Online companies advertize establishing an LLC for as low as $49.00. Many people have been enticed by on-line legal services now so widely available on the net. In my experience many people utilizing these on-line services do not enjoy the liability protection offered by a LLC because they are not “operated” correctly though they may have been set up properly from a legal standpoint. This of course results in big problems when you need learn the LLC you paid for does not protect your personal assets when a problem occurs. I have looked at some of the websites offering to establish LLC for Australian Residents for as low as $400.00. The reason for the price difference none of these sites offers to “operate” or oversee the operation of the LLC on an ongoing basis. Our firm provides the following:

  1. Prepare and file Articles of Organization
  2. Prepare an Operating Agreement for the LLC
  3. Serve as Resident Agent
  4. Serve as recorded keeper of the LLC
  5. Insure the client executes all paperwork correctly to insure LLC liability protection when needed.
  6. Monitor bank accounts and tax returns for the LLC in compliance with all US Banking Regulations and to comply with Federal and State tax laws.
In conclusion we know how to operate LLC’S and are willing to help you. If you choose to go in a different direction to establish your LLC we wish you the best.

Let's get started